Nola's Worlds

Super-cute fantasy comic from France


In the small town of Alta Donna, the weather is mild, sunsets are spectacular, and the stars twinkle brightly in a flawless night sky. But the perfect days are way too long for newly-teenage Nola. Wedged between her hyperactive mother, an overenthusiastic best friend named Pumpkin, and her father’s new family, Nola is excited to break away from the day-to-day when she meets Damiano, a star baseball player with the reflexes of a cat. She’s less excited to meet his sister Inés, a girl obsessed with looking pretty. When suspicious events surround the two, Nola decides to investigate—and discovers Alta Donna might not be a normal small town after all!

Originally published in French by Dargaud under the title Alta Donna, Graphic Universe is totally stoked to present Nola’s World in English.